Good Agricultural Practices

The Good Agricultural Practices is defined by the FAO as “the processes needing to be implemented to turn the system of agricultural production into be socially viable, economically profitable and efficient, preserving of human health, and giving significance to animal health and prosperity.”  It is suggested that the Good Agricultural Practices be implemented together with the Integrated Pest Management – IPM and Integrated Crop Management – ICM techniques.

What Is the Scope of Good Agricultural Practices?

  • Measures  towards protecting the health of the environment, soil, humanbeing, and animals,
  • Measures towards protecting natural resources,
  • The provision of sustainability and accountability in agriculture,
  • The provision of food safety,
  • Taking measures towards the health, security, and prosperity of producers and agricultural workers.

What is the Globalgap?

It is the Good Agricultural Practices protocol of EUREP (Euro Retailer Produce Working Group) that leading retailers in the agricultural food industry in Europe gather together and formed.
NÇS Tarım has had the Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBALGAP certificates since 2011, and these certificates are renewed each year with announced and unannounced inspections.