NÇS Tarım

NÇS Tarım was established in 2006 on its own lands in Çukurova, one of the most fertile plains in the world. NÇS Tarım, which is located on fertile soils in the Northern Hemisphere due to its climatic structure, has 87 thousand certified fruit trees. In production areas, 2 types of nectarines, 2 types of plums, 2 types of lemons, 2 types of bananas, 1 type of peach, 1 type of orange, 1 type of pomegranate, 1 type of persimmon, 1 type of tangerine, dragon fruit and passionflower are grown.

The rising value of agriculture, NÇS Tarım carries out fruit production for domestic and foreign markets, using the most modern agricultural techniques, with outstanding varieties, high quality and tonnage. NÇS Tarım, aiming to be the leading brand in fruit growing, produces fruit in accordance with internationally traceable agricultural criteria with its experienced agricultural engineers, domestic and international consultants. NÇS Tarım is one of the most important fruit suppliers of Türkiye, Europe and the Middle East with its products that do not contain residues in terms of human and environmental health.

Incorporating the infrastructure of modern agriculture, NÇS Tarım has the ‘Global GAP’ certificates, which certifies that it produces in international production standards, and the ‘Good Agricultural Practices’ certificates, which indicate that it produces reliable domestically.

NÇS Tarım branded ‘Sunmey’, ‘Sunnar’ and ‘Tatlı Sert’ under the motto ‘Delivered to your door with the freshness of its branch’ in the lands we have given and bought a thousand within half a century since Nuri Çomu, a Senior Agricultural Engineer, took the first step into the fertile lands of Çukurova. It also added the ‘Bey Farm’ brand. Nuri Bey Farm has become the sought-after brand of fresh and dried fruit growing and the indispensable taste of households with its fruit sales website www.nuribeyciftligi.com. An order placed at www.nuribeyciftligi.com, which offers online fruit shopping, delivers the fruits picked from the branch to your address with the same freshness.

NÇS Tarım, with the brand CCFLY-HP, produced for the first time in Türkiye, liquid with special protein formula.
It is a food+trap attractant. CC FLY-HP is a highly effective and innovative mass capture decoy used to control Mediterranean Fruitfly infestation. In addition, its formula does not contain insecticide and it is used together with insecticide.
It is a completely ecological solution because it does not require