Nuribey Çiftliği

From one of the fertile lands of Çukurova to all sides of the lands: Nuri Bey Çiftliği

“Where are the tastes of our childhood”, we remember each and every time we smell, with unique flavor and naturalness, is the address of the fruit that brings us on a journey of time Nuri Bey Çiftliği.

Nuri Bey Çiftliği is an online shopping web site for bringing natural, delicious, unadulterated, produced and consumed fruits to your door. NÇS Tarım established in Nuri Bey Çiftliği and every fruit produced in the season are just one click away.

Masters Degree of Agriculture Engineer Nuri Çomu’s first step to the fertile soil of Çukurova’s land has been given up for us for nearly half a century. Nuri Bey Çiftliği, established in NÇS Tarım, reaches to the consumers with freshness and naturalness in the products.

In our farm we are gathering freshly from you and offering it to you. The fruit of your season is sent to your address along with the unique natural coke that will spread to every room of your house.

Our garden has 4 kinds of peaches, 6 kinds of nectarines, 9 kinds of plums, 4 kinds of mandarins, 2 kinds of apples, 2 kinds of pomegranates, persimmon and lemons. By increasing our product range, we will continue to distribute our flavor and quality to all over our country.

This taste belongs to World

On our own lands, we have approximately 65,000 certified fruit trees with a new generation of hard and soft cores.

Our farm produces and sells fruits in accordance with the criteria of modern farming techniques, Good Agricultural Practices, Global GAP Certificates, agricultural engineers and international agriculture consultants who are trained in the field. With healthy products that do not contain residues in terms of human and environmental health, we are on the way to being a taste that is not abandoned generations.