Extreme 314

Fruits are very hard, full round shaped and slightly overspread. The fruit color is burgundy-tinged red. Fruits weight is approximately 150-200 gr.

Brix: 12,5

Extreme Sweet

It has large equal-sized fruits. It is a delicious type of peach  with hard, juicy and crispy flesh. Because of its hardness, it is suitable to be stored. The entire surface is very dark shiny red.

Brix: 13

Extreme Great

The fruit is fairly large, with red colored rind, yellow flesh. It has a round shape, a smooth fruit structure. Crispy, juicy and very sweet fruit flesh is also very low in acidity. Fruits weight is  approximately 210-300 gr. The harvest date is from July 25th to August 5th.

Brix: 12,5


Flored type peach is a very early fruit type. The fruit rind color is red about 80%. It’s a pretty hard, crispy variety. Fruit flesh  color is yellow.

Brix: 9