Black Diamond

It is medium in size and lightly flattened and smoky on the rind. The fruit rind color is a blend of pink purple and black tones and has yellow spots. Fruit flesh is hard and moderately juicy and the color is light red. Fruits weight is  approximately 100-110gr.

 Brix: 12

Black Beauty

Fruits are medium sized and juicy, sweet and delicious. Rind color is dark purple, black on a violet background; fruit flesh yellow-red, has a one of a kind smell in full maturity period. Fruit weight is approximately 80 gr.

 Brix: 12


The fruit is round and flattened towards the stem. The rind color is dark red and the flesh color is yellow. The stone is attached to the meat.

Brix: 14

Black Amber

It is medium sized and round, slightly flat.Fruit weight is approximately 80-100 gr. Fruit flesh is hard yellow and moderately juicy.It has a pleasant smell. The stone is attached to the flesh.

Brix: 11


The fruit is very smooth round. The flavor of the fruit is a highly aromatic and has a pleasant smell.The rind color is dark red and the flesh color is orange.

 Brix: 13


Fruits are very smooth round,rind color is light red-purple and the flesh color is yellow. Fruits weight is approximately 80-90 gr.

 Brix: 14


The fruit is round, smooth and well shaped and has excellent smell. Rind color is blue-purple, flesh color is yellow. It is a durable, tough type and can be preserved in cold air stores to preserve its durability and smell.

Brix: 16

Black Splendor

Fruit rind color is dark burgundy-black; Fruit flesh color is dark burgundy. The fruit is medium and large in size and slightly flattened from the poles.

 Brix: 12