Sunar Bright Future Program

The Sunar Group is in the agricultural industry that has taken its strength from the soil since the day it was founded. It has not forgotten its responsibility, first and foremost to its biggest shareholder nature and the earth and later to the farmers that have contributed to economic progress with hard work and labor. It has shaped its investments and social responsibility projects as primarily for the preservation of nature and the progress of farmers.

In this context, even before sustainability has become one of the top priority topics of local and global companies agendas, Sunar has planned, implemented, managed and concluded its sustainability projects but with different definitions.After 2013, particularly its sustainability has turned the main focus of the strategies of companies on the subject of “Sustainable Agriculture,” and in this context, it has established a “Sustainability Team” that it formed with a representative from each department. This team completed and implemented the “Sunar Bright Future” program, which is this group’s five-year Sustainability Progress Plan, in 2014.
The Sunar Groupp is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food Executive Committee. 

Sustainability Vision: To enable future generations live in prosperity in a habitable world, we live and encourage our society live sustainably, by gaining needed strength from nature. While accomplishing our goal,we ensure that we will reduce our foot print and increase our contribution to society.