Sunar Grup

The Sunar Grup, whose value in Turkey’s agriculture-based industry and food sector is rising, exports with its own brand to more than 100 countries on 5 continents with almost half a century of experience, 900 employees, and a wide range of products. The Sunar Grup aims to be one of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa’s largest agriculture-based industrial groups thanks to its high capacity, wide accumulation of knowledge, and experience.

The foundation of the Sunar Grup was laid in the early 1970s with the level-headed and courageous investments that its founder Nuri ÇOMU made in the field of cotton and paddy. Even if the cotton and paddy factory that was found in 1974 isn’t still around today because of problems encountered in the cotton agriculture in Çukurova, the group’s oldest company Sunar Özlem was founded in Osmaniye in 1976 as a flour factory. The companies Sunar Yem, which was added to the Sunar Özlem organization in 1997, Sunar Mısır, which was founded in Adana in 1985, NÇS and Elita Gıda, which were established in 2006, Sunar Pazarlama, which was founded in 2010, and Sunar NP, which was founded in 2014 joined the group’s organization.

The Sunar Grup operates with 6 different companies in the field of agriculture-based industry. Of the companies of the group, Sunar Mısır produces and sells starch and starch-based products, Elita Gıda produces and sells oils for retail and Horeca, Sunar Özlem produces and sells flour and feed, and NÇS produces and sells fresh fruit. The external commercial activities of the Sunar Grup companies are maintained by the Sunar Pazarlama company. The youngest company of the group, Sunar NP produces Turkey’s first TUV certified biodegradable TPS (thermoplastic starch) and polymers.