About Us

NÇS Tarım owns 65,000 new generation hard and soft seeded certified fruit trees on its own land in Çukurova, one of the most fertile plains in Turkey and the world. It grows 9 types of plum, 6 types of nectarine, 4 types of peach, 4 types of tangerine, 2 types of apple, 2 types of pomegranate, persimmon and lemons in its production fields.

NÇS,  which has become the ever increasing value of agriculture, has carried out fruit production for domestic and international markets using the most modern agricultural techniques. It produces fruit that comply with accountable agricultural criteria with experienced agricultural engineers and international advisers coming from abroad. It aims to be one of the important fruit suppliers of Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East with its healthy products which it grew and which don’t contain residues, in terms of human and environmental health.

NÇS Tarım, which is a fresh fruit supplier of domestic and international supermarkets, was deemed worthy of the certificates of Global G.A.P, which certifies that production is done in international production standards harboring modern agricultural infrastructure in the organization, and Good Agriculture Practices, which relates to reliable production in domestic market.

NÇS, which also owns the products that harvest the earliest in the northern hemisphere, carries out fruit production for domestic and international markets at high quality and tonnage with distinguished varieties.